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SW-4.0III wood kiln High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer

SWGZ-4.0III High Frequency Wood Vacuum Dry Kiln is a kind of wood dryer. High frequency vacuum dry kiln is also called radio frequency vacuum dry kiln. It is a kind of direct heating. It is used for wood drying, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

SWGZ-4.0III wood kiln working principle

The principle is using the wood as a medium, capacitor is a group between two pieces of metal plate.Then give them voltage, the electric field produced between the two plates. The water molecules between electrodes will be polarized by the alternating magnetic field and move in very high speed rapidly.

The impact and friction (billion of times per second) among water molecules creates heating in very short time.

The conventional steam kiln or common vacuum kiln is use the heating transfer to dry the wood from surface to core.

High frequency power does not heat wood moisture but let wood moisture heated themselves.

Advantages of SWGZ-4.0III wood kiln

Wood dryer kind of directly heating,This continuous effect let whole wood heated surface to core wholly and uniformly.

That is one of the reason why the high frequency vacuum machine is 10 times faster than conventional wood drying kiln.

The hardwood from 30% moisture content to 8-10%MC only take 4-6 days and the fresh cut wood only take 10-12 days to get 8-10% moisture content

The specification sheet of vacuum kiln as below;




4.4 cubic meters per full load

Out Dimension


Timber Cart   Size


Max Length   of Wood


Material pile of pressure device:   hydraulic pressure

Pressure device maximum pressure : 0~4000 KG

Drying process of wood dryer

We use stainless steel 304 to make the inside of vacuum kiln and pressure plate, including screws and nuts inside of the high frequency vacuum kiln.Our kiln also adopts vacuum dehydration technology. The stainless steel vacuum pump can make the vacuum oven reach -0.093Mpa condition.

The vacuum condition is to let let water vaporized in low temperature below 55 ℃,At the same time, vacuum can also suck the wood moisture out. The machine cooling system will separate the hot air and hot water out, then cool them and release them out.

Wood is drying under a vacuum and wet condition at low temperature. That will ensure wood is no cracks and keep the wood nature color.

High frequency vacuum dry kiln is the best choice to thick table top, veneer, thick slab, expensive wood, hardwood, veneer, beam and etc.

Applicable industries of SWGZ-4.0III wood kiln

SWGZ-4.0III model is small capacity high frequency vacuum kiln which is suitable for small sawmill, furniture manufacturer and guitar maker.

Now vacuum kiln is a good way to dry wood.

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